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Where is nor’s cross ???

forgot to draw ….D:

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I constantly thank god for justa-fangirl and her fics okayyyyy

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thank god for the norwegian language

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🇫🇷fruk knight doodles🇬🇧

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Transparent cute men for your blog - I removed the Funimation logo too!

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Netherlands & Belgium

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Spain and Portugal chibis, shapped like the Iberian Peninsula //shotshot

Italian Peninsula here
Benelux here

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Dark Days of Hetalia


  • "Wh’n Sw’d’n ‘pp’r’ntly t’lk’d l’k’ th’s"
  • The Bad TOUCH Trio (we all know what this meant with each of the friends)
  • USUK vs. FRUK
  • UKUS vs. USUK
  • "ANTONIO, YOU F*CKING TOMATO B*STARD, YOU ARE A WORTHLESS FOOL" and just about the flattest, angriest characterization of Lovino with a shit load of swearing ever
  • Positive depiction of Nazi!Ludwig 
  •  X


North and South Italy, shapped like their country! 

Iberian Peninsula (Spain+Portugal) here
Benelux here

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Benelux, shapped like their countries!

Italian Peninsula here
Iberian Peninsula here

Brock O’Hurn

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